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Department of Cultural Resources

Agency History: 1971-

The immediate predecessor of the Department of Cultural Resources was the Department of Art, Culture and History, created by the Executive Organization Act of 1971 and activated in 1972. Under this act, various commissions, boards, and several independent state agencies were consolidated and placed under the umbrella of the newly created department. These formerly independent agencies included the following: the North Carolina State Library, founded in 1812; the Department of Archives and History, formed in 1943 from the North Carolina Historical Commission [1903]; the North Carolina Museum of Art, formed in 1965 as an outgrowth of the North Carolina State Art Society, Inc. [1929]; and the North Carolina Symphony, organized in 1932. Although these bodies retained their statutory functions and authority, managerial and executive responsibilities were transferred to the head of the new department--a cabinet-level secretary appointed by the governor.

The Executive Organization Act of 1973 replaced the Department of Art, Culture and History with the Department of Cultural Resources. The secretary continued to hold administrative responsibility for the department, including numerous boards, committees, and commissions representing special programs. Administratively, the department consisted of the following main divisions and their sections: Archives and History, the Arts Council, and the State Library. The Symphony and the Museum of Art, however, functioned as semi-autonomous agencies of the department.

The Department of Cultural Resources serves to enhance the cultural life of the state's citizens and visitors through the preservation, development, promotion, and dissemination of artistic, historical, and informational resources; the exploration and interpretation of the state's collective culture; and the provision of access to that culture through the department's various programs.

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